Chongqing Air Quality Index

Heavily Polluted(Class E)
(October 26th,2014 ,02:00:00 AM(UTC+8) Published)
Lightly Polluted
Moderately Polluted
Heavily Polluted
Severely Polluted
Main Air Pollutants:PM2.5
Health Implications:Exercise tolerance is reduced in people with heart and lung conditions;healthy people may exhibit symptoms.
Suggestion:People with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should avoid all physical activity outdoors. Everyone else should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion.

Chongqing PM2.5

1-hour PM2.5: 155.18μg/m3,24-hour PM2.5: 157.73μg/m3.
1-hour PM2.5 ranks #127 in China by ascending,total 190 cities.
1-hour PM10: 232.35μg/m3,24-hour PM10: 212.18μg/m3.

All Air Monitoring Sites Of Chongqing City(Real Time Data)

Indicators instruction:
AQI=Air Quality Index; PM2.5=Particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter; PM10=Particles between 2.5 and 10 micrometers in diameter; CO=carbon monoxide;NO2=nitrogen dioxide;SO2=sulfur dioxide;O3-1h=Ozone 1-hour average;O3-8h=Ozone 8-hour average;

Unit: μg/m3(CO=mg/m3)
17 Monitoring SitesAQIPM2.5PM10CONO2SO203-1hO3-8hLevel
Site 11731311611.37667161818Moderately Polluted
Site 22001502091.96215115455Moderately Polluted
Site 32031532141.386229-11Heavily Polluted
Site 4127961191.4675618421Lightly Polluted
Site 51681271761.0415531225Moderately Polluted
Site 62301803252.3791042385Heavily Polluted
Site 72441942881.71210189612Heavily Polluted
Site 82882382441.09553452258Heavily Polluted
Site 92481983641.4751032149Heavily Polluted
Site 101561191931.1778141223Moderately Polluted
Site 11118891030.6762466119135Lightly Polluted
Site 121731312081.215641546Moderately Polluted
Site 13114861291.0454911-2Lightly Polluted
Site 141601221821.0396210110Moderately Polluted
Site 152912414081.9621082349Heavily Polluted
Site 162542042651.785691735Heavily Polluted
Site 172291793621.5698926478Heavily Polluted

Chongqing AQI Ranking

Chongqing AQI ranks #176 in China(total 190),defeat -54% cities.

Last 7 days rankings and AQI data of Chongqing City

Date/AQI rankingAQIPM2.5PM10CONO2SO203-1hO3-8hLevel
2014-10-25 #1782081582101.323632311280Heavily Polluted
2014-10-24 #1611411071561.286511811984Lightly Polluted
2014-10-23 #7789661041.02143175444Good
2014-10-22 #8585621051.042461610580Good
2014-10-21 #166122921381.404541510069Lightly Polluted
2014-10-20 #1531361031411.59655144031Lightly Polluted
2014-10-19 #1189571841.2439151915Good
Note :03-1h, O3-8h to 24 hours maximum, 24-hour average of other pollutants, daily AQI based on "Ambient Air Quality Index (AQI) Technology (Trial)" (HJ633-2012) published in the daily AQI standard calculations.