Chongqing Air Quality Index

Excellent(Class A)
(July 4th,2015 ,03:00:00 PM(UTC+8) Published)
Lightly Polluted
Moderately Polluted
Heavily Polluted
Severely Polluted
Main Air Pollutants:-
Health Implications:Air quality is satisfactory,almost no air pollution.

Chongqing PM2.5

1-hour PM2.5: 18.65μg/m3,24-hour PM2.5: 23.8μg/m3.
1-hour PM2.5 ranks #136 in China by ascending,total 367 cities.
1-hour PM10: 28.31μg/m3,24-hour PM10: 38.86μg/m3.

All Air Monitoring Sites Of Chongqing City(Real Time Data)

Indicators instruction:
AQI=Air Quality Index; PM2.5=Particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter; PM10=Particles between 2.5 and 10 micrometers in diameter; CO=carbon monoxide;NO2=nitrogen dioxide;SO2=sulfur dioxide;O3-1h=Ozone 1-hour average;O3-8h=Ozone 8-hour average;

Unit: μg/m3(CO=mg/m3)
17 Monitoring SitesAQIPM2.5PM10CONO2SO203-1hO3-8hLevel
Site 12113210.5713834032Excellent
Site 22215-0.748544939Excellent
Site 33021270.6632464234Excellent
Site 42517230.6041157060Excellent
Site 51913140.652244528Excellent
Site 65438-0.6365041915Good
Site 74017400.7524541516Excellent
Site 85222540.812043227Good
Site 9189-0.3431455547Excellent
Site 103121310.482535144Excellent
Site 11217100.646966554Excellent
Site 121812-0.5291735141Excellent
Site 133021230.7561285540Excellent
Site 144531350.5531465442Excellent
Site 154531410.66137103931Excellent
Site 162710270.8392544134Excellent
Site 172819220.8332555647Excellent

Chongqing AQI Ranking

Chongqing AQI ranks #18 in China(total 367),defeat 95% cities.

Last 7 days rankings and AQI data of Chongqing City

Date/AQI rankingAQIPM2.5PM10CONO2SO203-1hO3-8hLevel
2015-07-03 #874527450.7432955445Excellent
2015-07-02 #1655736620.9743984234Good
2015-07-01 #624023390.8862565446Excellent
2015-06-30 #313419330.8062564033Excellent
2015-06-29 #2005734640.8313376953Good
2015-06-28 #2206137720.799299112100Good
2015-06-27 #2306433680.7893012134116Good
Note :03-1h, O3-8h to 24 hours maximum, 24-hour average of other pollutants, daily AQI based on "Ambient Air Quality Index (AQI) Technology (Trial)" (HJ633-2012) published in the daily AQI standard calculations.