Shenyang Air Quality Index

Moderately Polluted(Class D)
(March 25th,2018 ,10:00:00 AM(UTC+8) Published)
Lightly Polluted
Moderately Polluted
Heavily Polluted
Severely Polluted
Main Air Pollutants:PM2.5
Health Implications:Members of sensitive groups may experience more serious health effects,may impact the heart,respiratory system of healthy groups.
Suggestion:People with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion; everyone else should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion.

Shenyang PM2.5

1-hour PM2.5: 118.27μg/m3,24-hour PM2.5: 115.56μg/m3.
1-hour PM2.5 ranks #323 in China by ascending,total 367 cities.
1-hour PM10: 171.09μg/m3,24-hour PM10: 159.62μg/m3.

All Air Monitoring Sites Of Shenyang City(Real Time Data)

Indicators instruction:
AQI=Air Quality Index; PM2.5=Particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter; PM10=Particles between 2.5 and 10 micrometers in diameter; CO=carbon monoxide;NO2=nitrogen dioxide;SO2=sulfur dioxide;O3-1h=Ozone 1-hour average;O3-8h=Ozone 8-hour average;

Unit: μg/m3(CO=mg/m3)
11 Monitoring SitesAQIPM2.5PM10CONO2SO203-1hO3-8hLevel
Site 1119901411.94850137104Lightly Polluted
Site 21601221461.94441151133Moderately Polluted
Site 31761331782.35053128113Moderately Polluted
Site 41581201862.36043125117Moderately Polluted
Site 51781341962.14641125109Moderately Polluted
Site 61591211862.4544812690Moderately Polluted
Site 71391061581.83952144109Lightly Polluted
Site 81591211721.73133162144Moderately Polluted
Site 91631241912475314496Moderately Polluted
Site 101521161512.15350131120Moderately Polluted
Site 111491141772.35849142124Lightly Polluted

Shenyang AQI Ranking

Shenyang AQI ranks #320 in China(total 367),defeat 13% cities.

Last 7 days rankings and AQI data of Shenyang City

Date/AQI rankingAQIPM2.5PM10CONO2SO203-1hO3-8hLevel
2018-03-24 #3552031521962.3975947152137Heavily Polluted
2018-03-23 #3511871401882.2137157135112Moderately Polluted
2018-03-22 #347131991431.6957853123108Lightly Polluted
2018-03-21 #1646343610.83502710997Good
2018-03-20 #1255314260.532114109104Good
2018-03-19 #1866446630.9333017105100Good
2018-03-18 #27110175871.13643229386Lightly Polluted
Note :03-1h, O3-8h to 24 hours maximum, 24-hour average of other pollutants, daily AQI based on "Ambient Air Quality Index (AQI) Technology (Trial)" (HJ633-2012) published in the daily AQI standard calculations.