Tianjin Air Quality Index

Excellent(Class A)
(November 18th,2017 ,08:00:00 AM(UTC+8) Published)
Lightly Polluted
Moderately Polluted
Heavily Polluted
Severely Polluted
Main Air Pollutants:-
Health Implications:Air quality is satisfactory,almost no air pollution.

Tianjin PM2.5

1-hour PM2.5: 9.36μg/m3,24-hour PM2.5: 17.74μg/m3.
1-hour PM2.5 ranks #42 in China by ascending,total 367 cities.
1-hour PM10: 20.67μg/m3,24-hour PM10: 43.88μg/m3.

All Air Monitoring Sites Of Tianjin City(Real Time Data)

Indicators instruction:
AQI=Air Quality Index; PM2.5=Particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter; PM10=Particles between 2.5 and 10 micrometers in diameter; CO=carbon monoxide;NO2=nitrogen dioxide;SO2=sulfur dioxide;O3-1h=Ozone 1-hour average;O3-8h=Ozone 8-hour average;

Unit: μg/m3(CO=mg/m3)
15 Monitoring SitesAQIPM2.5PM10CONO2SO203-1hO3-8hLevel
Site 1211160.44141623Excellent
Site 22014180.22643539Excellent
Site 32014170.42922326Excellent
Site 41751712843031Excellent
Site 5294290.42442330Excellent
Site 618913-3632028Excellent
Site 717-160.43352937Excellent
Site 8179170.53122840Excellent
Site 9137130.21863431Excellent
Site 103618360.53192328Excellent
Site 11217210.43033337Excellent
Site 122812280.93471720Excellent
Site 13187180.71484049Excellent
Site 142812280.43672130Excellent
Site 152312230.43941628Excellent

Tianjin AQI Ranking

Tianjin AQI ranks #19 in China(total 367),defeat 95% cities.

Last 7 days rankings and AQI data of Tianjin City

Date/AQI rankingAQIPM2.5PM10CONO2SO203-1hO3-8hLevel
2017-11-17 #1666139710.9494596759Good
2017-11-16 #2559441751.45175186243Good
2017-11-15 #1826624520.9035397563Good
2017-11-14 #1145114370.7264066557Good
2017-11-13 #27288651101.29258116352Good
2017-11-12 #341109811251.62378242921Lightly Polluted
2017-11-11 #1736127490.99549105943Good
Note :03-1h, O3-8h to 24 hours maximum, 24-hour average of other pollutants, daily AQI based on "Ambient Air Quality Index (AQI) Technology (Trial)" (HJ633-2012) published in the daily AQI standard calculations.